Coway Bidet BA13 Digital Premium Bidet (Elongated, White) – Affordable Loo Luxury

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The Coway Bidet BA13 Digital Premium Bidet (Elongated, White) has few reviews, but gets good marks from most of its customers. This bidet is very high-tech-looking and should be a great addition to any upscale bathroom.

If you’ve been eyeing bidets since visiting a spa-like bathroom while traveling and staying at finer hotels, then you will assuredly fall in love with this one.

Every bidet is made with a particular customer in mind, and while this one may not be perfect for everyone (one woman reviewer said the nozzle did not reach her ‘front parts’ readily enough), it is still a high –quality bidet for an affordable price. There also seems to be a mistake in the installation instructions which can easily be improved upon with a conversation with a knowledgeable handy man at your nearest home and lumber store, but once you have the correct instructions, it is an easy install.

Users of the Coway Bidet BA13 Digital Premium Bidet like the fact that the toilet seat is soft, like an upholstered piece of furniture, instead of hard, like most other toilet seats. They appreciate the fact that you can get clean down under without having to use gobs of toilet paper, and sometimes none at all because the water pressure is high enough to both feel comfortable and keep you hygienic.

Many customers like the fact that this bidet is priced so much cheaper than comparable Toto bidet’s with many of the same features. It still has a remote control with several alterable settings so you can change the water pressure level amongst other things. Aside from a noticeable water input, the Coway Bidet BA13 Digital Premium Bidet does the job of getting your nether regions clean as a whistle without chlorinated toilet paper. You can even chose a ‘heated dry’ function to allow your hiney to get warm and clean in the winter months that might just inspire an extra-long novel read when going to the loo.

Although this bidet is not as popular as some other brands, it is much more affordable. The Coway Bidet BA13 Digital Premium Bidet (Elongated, White) won’t substitute for a plumbed-in bidet found in Europe, Asia or the US, but it is an affordable substitute for someone desiring a clean behind without having to use toilet tissue, and that needs a little help relaxing the PC muscles when trying to go. If you suffer from bathroom woes, this bidet is the answer.

Coway Bidet BA13 Digital Premium Bidet Product Features

  • Remote control (wall mountable)
  • Tankless water heating system
  • Gentle aerated water stream
  • Twin nozzle system, with stainless steel wash nozzles
  • Self sanitizing wash nozzles
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