AMDM IntelliSeat – The Ultimate Bidet Electronic Toilet Seat w/ Remote ISB200 – Washlet White

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If you want a bidet-style toilet seat that installs for under $300 then the IntelliSeat – the Ultimate Bidet Electronic Toilet Seat lives up to its name. This bidet is easy to install and over half of its 35 reviewers love its features and design.

What makes the IntelliSeat the ultimate electronic toilet seat? First of all is the price. Many reviewers comment on the price, being out-of-this-world-affordable. Most bidets with this many features run upwards of $500 or more in cost and that doesn’t even include installation fees.

Another great thing about this seat is that it was meant to be used on an elongated toilet seat, but many reviewers placed it on a regular toilet and said that it works just fine.

Yet another fine point of this IntelliSeat – the Ultimate Bidet Electronic Toilet Seat is that the buttons on the remote are labeled really well. They even say “for him” or “for her” so that you can target the stream of water or drying action to the parts down-under that you’re trying to get clean or massage. If you suffer from constipation, or ladies, if you just gave birth and are trying to ease a healing episiotomy, this Intelliseat has functions that will take care of these issues, and more. You can also just count on a good cleaning of your nether-parts without the use of toilet paper.

One user had a toddler who was just learning how to go to the potty on his own and was suffering from diaper rash. They found the IntelliSeat – the Ultimate Bidet Electronic Toilet Seat for a bargain, installed it in about an hour, and the toddler finished toilet training himself once he learned he could get relief from his sore bum by squirting himself with warm water and a little air dry. He actually didn’t want to get off the toilet! How’s that for toilet training 101?! The mom felt better too because she wasn’t wiping her son’s rear end with chemical-laden baby wipes.

One reviewer did advise using manual instructions instead of quick start for an easier install, but overall, everyone is happy once they get over any minor inconveniences with installation. With a heated seat and so many settings to get clean and dry, it’s no wonder reviewers give this a 5-star rating more often than not. It is a very affordable bidet with great features, so if you’ve been wanting one but thought you couldn’t afford it, then the time has come. The AMDM IntelliSeat Bidet Electronic Toilet Seat w/ Remote ISB200 (Washlet White) is ultimately very affordable, and a high-quality product too.

IntelliSeat – the Ultimate Bidet Electronic Toilet Seat Product Features

  • Hygiene: Posterior Wash, Feminine Wash, Pulsating Wash, Adjustable Water Pressure, Hygienic Filtered Water
  • Comfort: Water Heater, Warm Air Dryer, Endless Warm Water, Heated Seat (adjustable temperature), Increased Seating Area
  • Convenience: Safety On/Off Sensor Self-Cleaning Nozzles Quick Release Seat for Easy Cleaning Energy Save Mode Programmable Energy Saver Night Light Personalized Controls Universal Design

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