Luxe Bidet EB-800 Round White Luxury Electric Bidet Review

Luxe Bidet EB-800 Round White Luxury Electric Bidet

The Luxe Bidet is meant to attend to your personal hygiene needs in the toilet. Say goodbye to rough, dry toilet paper and irritated skin, because cleaning yourself with water is the way to go when using the toilet.

The EB-800 features all the perks you will want to find in luxury bidets. You can tell that it is of premium quality just by experiencing its heated water and heated seat, both of which have four different settings.
Like most toilet seats, the EB-800 features dual nozzles, one for rear wash and another for feminine hygiene purposes. Both are adjustable in terms of pressure and temperature. For more frills, the toilet seat also features a massage option that alternates between strong and weak water sprays. Afterwards, finish off with the electric bidet’s blow dryer feature.


Luxury certainly is at its finest with this toilet seat, as the EB-800 deodorizes and disinfects the toilet bowl with its ionic ceramic deodorant, saving you the hassle of doing this chore manually.

Installation is quick and easy, and can be done within ten to fifteen minutes. No special tools are necessary. At most, a normal screwdriver will be used.


With the Luxe Bidet EB-800, the toilet will certainly be your throne. It has all the features you will ever need, and to top it all off, a UL safety certification and a twelve-month warranty.

The Luxe Bidet EB-800 Round White Luxury Electric Bidet Reviews


The Luxe Bidet EB-800 may not be the most popular electric bidet in the market, but customers who have found this hidden gem have thoroughly enjoyed their purchase.


Reviews have been mostly positive with only a minor complaint about the need for a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet near the toilet seat. This may pose a slight complication when installing the electric bidet; but once users have that figured out, they are good to go and do not have any other complaints with the product.


The reviewers are pretty happy with the toilet seat and say that it does everything that an electric bidet should do. For this reason, users say that the Luxe toilet seat provides great value compared to other pricier electric bidets in the market.


Another point in favor of the Luxe Bidet EB-800 Round White Luxury Electric Bidet is its side control panel, which some users prefer to the remote control variety. The side control is more accessible than the latter, and there’s no need to worry about misplacing the control system.


Indeed, if you are looking for an electric bidet that offers great value and has a UL safety certification, it would be a crime to overlook the Luxe Bidet EB-800.


The Luxe Bidet EB-800 Round White Luxury Electric Bidet Features


  • Electronic bidet requires 110-volt outlet and ground pin
  • Energy saving seat sensor keeps your electric bill within your budget
  • Heated water and seat can be adjusted to four different settings
  • Easy installation takes up only ten to fifteen minutes of your time
  • UL safety certification and twelve-month warranty offers value and peace of mind


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